We spent the past four months focused on giving back and getting better! Now, we are ready to launch our new beginning. We are continuing our commitment to grow our community of Personal Finance Enthusiasts. We are changing the way Next Gen investors view personal finance. We added more tools and education to our Consultants’ back office, which includes a new AI leads function and dialer.

The Betting Kings platform is now armed and ready! We have loaded even more real-time unique data and advanced technology that even includes a brand new personalized Digital Portfolio for our members.

    • Sports Investing games. We’ve added even more advanced unique data and AI integration to our 30-day sports investment strategy – which you have probably already seen on Betting Kings Social. Over the last four months, we have added more sports leagues, games and types of investments. While US sports were postponed for the last few months, we continued to help members earn passive income. If you followed the BK Strategy over the last four months during the pandemic, you earned $39,204 – investing $1,000 / game. Over the last week in August, you earned $23,076! This continues to be a great way to earn passive income!

      Check out BK’s recent investment plays!

    • Investable Collectables. We launched the new Trading Card Vault and have significantly increased the number and diversity of AI-driven trading cards. We have also added more unique data and new asset classes to the Alternative Asset Vault. You may have seen some profitable comic books we released last month. The alternative assets in the Vaults return members, on average, 25.5% – which is better than the stock market!
    • Vesting. This week, we are launching the Betting Kings Vesting program! More information will be shared in the next day or so. Our mission is to help you build your unique, data-driven portfolio of alternative assets. To help you, you will have your own digital portfolio and we will help you get it started – first, with trading cards!
    • Affiliate program. This month, we are also launching a new Affiliate program. If you are savvy online, and interested in earning additional income, keep an eye out for BK’s new affiliate program!
    • Saving More Money. Saving money is more important now than ever before. We have continued to add new perks and discounts to the BK Savings Club. Last month we added 51! Members average $4,450 in savings each year across over 302,000 offers. It’s not just restaurants and oil changes, you can also save on tuition! Now is a great time to continue to build you skills with training and you can save month doing it. If there’s some place you frequent, let me know and I can work on getting a discount there!


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