Betting Kings today announced the launch of a new Affiliate Program where participants can begin leveraging their websites, blogs, and social media outreach to earn a commission via online sales of Betting Kings Membership, earn bonuses based on sales volume, and offer promotion codes to their audiences.

“We are looking for affiliates with the desire and ability to spread the word about Betting Kings products, which we believe is especially timely given the current environment where many consumers are becoming increasingly more active in alternative forms of investing, which includes Sports Investing, Trading Cards, Digital Assets and other Investable Collectables. explains Janet Davenport, Vice President of Marketing at Betting Kings. “As a member of our Affiliate Team, you not only earn a percentage on sales of our products made using your unique affiliate link, you also get access to Betting Kings content and marketing materials, plus highly-functional, durable Betting Kings merchandise for your audience.”

How It Works

Those interested must first apply online. Betting Kings will review the application for appropriateness and fit, and then send an affiliate starter kit by email to new members (usually within just a few business days).

“Not just anyone can join our affiliate program,” says Janet. “We are looking for individuals, teams, clubs, and organizations with a connection to our target market of busy professionals, sports enthusiasts, students, and gamers who also have the desire and conviction to promote our brand.”

As a Betting Kings Affiliate, participants receive a unique referral link they can embed on their web pages, blogs, emails, and social media. They are then paid a percentage when someone uses that qualified link to make a purchase.

Qualified purchases are tracked automatically by Betting Kings platform and affiliates can monitor their progress through their own web-based affiliate dashboard, giving them maximum control and the ability to track top referral sources.

Why Betting Kings?

Betting Kings uses AI and unique data to uncover hidden liquidity in sports investments, investable collectables and unique digital assets. We scour markets around the world to find the most profitable alternative assets for our members. We invite you to follow along on the impact we have had on our community of Personal Finance Enthusiasts™.