We are creating a unique, personalized, digital portfolio for each member and helping each member build their portfolio with alternative assets.

Every day, thousands of sports card investors open packs of cards and find valuable auto cards worth thousands of dollars. We are giving each member their first pack when they join! What will it be worth? Will it contain an AUTO or relic card?

Packs will be factory sealed from the top premier manufacturers including Panini and Topps! Packs will be opened and shared on Betting Kings Social and trading cards will be placed in the respective member’s unique, digital portfolio.

Every day, members vest 1% towards their unique, digital portfolio. After 100 days, members are 100% vested! Each month on their anniversary, each member will receive a new alternative asset in their digital portfolio.

Truly helping members build their own unique data-driven portfolio of non-traditional assets to Earn Money, Save Money and Grow Together.


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