These are unprecedented times. We know all of our members around the world are facing the coronavirus pandemic.

We want to help.

For the month of April, Betting Kings is giving all members CASH BACK! Betting Kings is waiving all membership fees this month. Members will not be charged any membership fee in April.

All existing membership accounts will stay open and active in April, including:

BK Savings Club with over 302,000 perks and discounts to help you save money during this difficult time. Betting Kings is working with our partners to bring you new savings and perks every day to help you save more. If there is somewhere you would like to save, please let us know!

Kings Club with AI-driven sports investment advice to help you earn passive income. Members who invested $1,000 per game earned over $20,000 in March and earned $114,000 in February. While many sports are postponed, several are still being played, including soccer, table tennis, esports, eNascar and more.

Alternative Asset Vault with AI-driven alternative asset information in trading cards, elite cars, wine, art, whiskey, farmland, sports memorabilia, classic cars, watches, books, contract, and more. There is significant value in certain alternative assets right now. If you are able to invest, we recommend continuing to grow and diversify your investment portfolio right now. We are continuing to scour the world’s markets and identify hidden profitability in assets leveraging AI and unique data.

Personal Finance Resources to help all of our Personal Finance Enthusiasts earn more and save more. We are continuing to build out our tools for our members. If there is a tool you would like to see, please let us know!

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay safe.
Betting Kings values every member and every Consultant around the world. Please stay home, stay healthy and stay safe.